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Conway Remodeling and More believes in giving back to the community and we hire folks with our same values. Starting in 2020, once a month, we take a day and donate our time to help an individual or an organization in need of help. If you or someone you know is in need of a project that my team could complete in a day please contact us with the details.

In April, we repaired some damaged siding on the building of The Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas. Thanks to #BrianLucey at #LuceyPlumbingServices and #VictoriaHarvey at #H2oPoolsandSupplies. As always, thank you to my crew at #ConwayRemodelingandMore.

#GivingBack #BeKind #Volunteer

February 2020, after a couple of months of planning, it all came together. We partnered with Greg Hiegel, owner of Hiegel Building Solutions, and Tyler Stoner, the owner of RePhorm Property Restoration, to build a wheelchair ramp for an elderly woman living alone. Everyone pictured agreed to give up their Saturday in order to help someone improve their quality of life.
We can’t thank them enough.
#GivingBack #BeKind #volunteer

In February we painted a food truck for The Harbor Home. We want to thank everyone who partnered with us this month.
Stephen Ardeneaux with #AmazingGraceRestoration.
Victoria Harvey with #H2OPoolsandSupplies.
Kim Slaughter with #TheBlueFocusMarketing is donating a sign for the food truck!!
And of course my staff at #ConwayRemodelingandMore.
We can’t thank them enough.
#GivingBack #BeKind #volunteer